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TRKR Delivers

MAIN-FRAME offers software designed for the Manufacturing Industry; particularly concrete, asphalt and aggregate plants. Developed by experienced contractors, commercial and residential builders and surface mix suppliers, it combines the best practices in supply and construction with surface mix/aggregate applications. With TRKR™ and TRKR Mobile™, common administrative tasks can be simplified, like ordering, and onsite job safety and compliance can be improved.


Just log onto the TRKR™ module and place the order, including details such as product, add-ons, quantity, and location of jobsite for delivery.


When the product has been delivered to the jobsite, the delivery notice is provided electronically.


No need to mail out invoices, TRKR distributes invoices electronically.

Project Reporting

A Daily Report is generated providing testing uploads, jobsite conditions, video/photo capture, job notes, weather, and more.


TRKR satisfies legal compliances and allows all parties to more accurately identify any cost overruns.


Customers can pay with credit/debit cards up front through the platform.

“Helping your business through better data collection and documentation. We aim to ease the friction of day-to-day administrative/compliance challenges and provide solutions that improve your efficiency.”
Steve Santa Cruz - CEO Main Frame

Built for contractors

Our state-of-the-art TRKR™ software enables customers to access surface mix and/or aggregate companies nationwide for their desired footprint needs. This allows for ease of product selection and dispatch scheduling through a shopping cart experience. TRKR™, coupled with TRKR MOBILE™, our mobile app for the dispatch/trucking industry, delivers solutions to every facet of surface mix and/or aggregate construction. Very smart technology!

Surface Mix/Aggregate Companies

TRKR™ and TRKR Mobile™ provide better coordination and compliance reporting for surface mix/aggregate suppliers and contractors. The Daily Report provides all the details needed for compliance reporting — and it’s delivered to you every day, even real-time. Surface mix/aggregate companies can increase efficiencies and improve profits.

Logistics Partners

All areas of logistics are addressed in the mobile application, TRKR MOBILE™, built to address and streamline compliance and safety issues. The app improves job site and transportation safety and mitigates the risk of construction defect claims. TRKR MOBILE™ allows the capture of any notable issues from plant to site delivery and the actual installation. By having this important information documented, all parties will have a more robust defense should a claim be made in the future.

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